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Vice Chairman at 'Foodsharing Copenhagen', Sustainability Manager at 'One Bowl' &

Co Creator of 'Taste the Waste'

David was born in the United Kingdom, but grew up in Australia. He moved to Denmark in 2010, and has a background in IT, more specifically in web development. David joined Foodsharing Copenhagen (FSCPH) in 2017 where he got very involved right away and has been part of the management ever since. The idea for ‘Taste the Waste’ came to David after being part of FSCPH for few years. FSCPH often got large quantities of certain things and sometimes they were very odd or obscure veggies and fruit and we had trouble persuading people to take them. After trying to give fennels to people in Nørrebro for hours he felt there needed to be other options and a way to teach people to use these less popular products. David wondered about how we could utilize FSCPH's own surplus items, bring people together and expand the concept in a new direction. When the community restaurant ‘One Bowl’ moved into their new location he saw an opportunity to build this concept and to develop the idea further and that's how “Taste the Waste” was born.