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Co Founder of 'Plantier IVS'

Poornima Luthra is the co-founder of Plantier. She is deeply passionate about inspiring others to think about their food choices and increase awareness of the impact those choices have on the environment and their health. She has been a vegetarian all her life and moved to a plant-based diet about 10 years ago after discovering her intolerances. She hopes to create inclusive dining environments in restaurants, cafes, catering facilities and homes for those who have made the choice to adopt a flexitarian or plant-based diet.

Plantier was launched in 2019 as the voice of the plant-based customer, with the aim of getting delicious and filling plant-based meals on every menu, everywhere. The founders of Plantier, Poornima & Vivienne have adopted a plant-based lifestyle for many years due to personal choice, food intolerances and to do their part for the environment. Seeing the huge difference this lifestyle choice has made in their lives, they created Plantier. After many plates of just vegetables and leaving restaurants feeling desperately hungry, Poornima & Vivienne wanted to influence the food industry to provide a variety of menu options for people who choose to eat a plant-based or flexitarian meal, while also contributing towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 12 and 13. Plantier works in partnership with various organizations with a sustainability mindset to enable this to happen.

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